Commercial Lease Agreement Zimbabwe

In addition, licences are sometimes used with the intention of avoiding the application of landlord and tenant law, although the concept of licensing does not exist legally in this context. As a result, these agreements may be considered leases. In addition, there are other types of contracts that resemble leases. B such as corporate/financial leasing (and financing) of commercial real estate (offices and industrial buildings – site finance/leasing), facilities contracts (setting up/termentbeschikkingstelling) for warehouses, car parks, etc. and hotel management contracts. Finally, office and retail space rentals in shopping centres are sometimes combined with service contracts through reception facilities, telecommunications services, meeting rooms, etc., and may or may not be included in a single written contract. 6.5 Have you seen trends in some sub-sectors of the market that are slowing down your legal system in terms of attractiveness to investors and developers? Please give examples. Otherwise, the lease agreement is established when a party who has called the lessor authorizes or gives to the other, the tenant or tenant, the use of a property established at an agreed rental amount over a specified period and for a specified use. The owner must not own the premises for rent. This can be anyone who has authority over the property. 6.4 What is the appetite of investors and/or developers to invest in your region compared to the previous year, and which sectors/sectors are most attractive? Please give examples. The first is a lease agreement that grants the right to exclusive ownership for an agreed period. A rental agreement confers on the tenant contractual rights and an interest in the property, which can be transferred to a third party subject to specific restrictions on the lease.

5.1 How many land registries operate in your area of expertise? If more than one please indicate your different rules and requirements.