Saudi Labour Contract Agreement

Under section 52 of the Labour Act, an employment contract first includes the name of the employer and the worker; Venue of the event; Nationality; ID number Agreed compensation Nature and place of work Date of employment and duration of the contract (if it is a firm contract). If you understand your employment contract, you have taken another step towards your success (and protection) at work. Here are the basic things you must respect in your employment contract: Restrictive alliances What types of restrictive alliances are recognized and applicable? Non-competition and confidentiality obligations are expressly recognized by labour law. The employment contract may include a confidentiality provision valid for up to two years from the date of dismissal. This provision is only valid if it is limited in terms of the time, place and nature of the business to the extent necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the employer. The Labour Act does not prevent employers from imposing further restrictions after the law has been stopped (for example. B non-invitation and non-market). These restrictions must be proportionate and limited enough to be applicable. (b) A program is prepared in advance, in agreement with labour inspectors, for visits that should be made during the week to show that when an employment contract is entered into by a person acting on behalf of or on behalf of the original employer, the employer and that person are jointly responsible for the performance of the obligation set out below. The employer pays for the worker`s restitution at the place where the contract was entered into or where the worker was brought, within the time frame to be determined by the employment agency, after the termination date of the work or the date of termination of the contract for one of the reasons covered by section 82.

, 83 and 84, as long as the worker did not perform any other work at the place of the last work or stopped prematurely without good reason, or wrote to the employment agency, not to return to the place where the contract was entered into or to the place from which he was brought.