Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise License Agreement

-In Pro Server mode, the maximum number of devices and users that can simultaneously access server software installed on that server is the number of Windows CALs (of both types) you purchase and set to be used only with that server. You have the unique right to change your use of server software by server mode to device-by-device or user mode. If you do, you can use the same number of Windows CALs you purchased to be used in Pro Server mode in device-by-device or user mode. Printing services (printing on a printer managed by the server software) or i. 2008 Windows Server Access Client License Conditions (“CAL Windows”). Four (4) maximum instance of the software in a virtual operating system environment (one instance per virtual operating system environment). If you have separately acquired Microsoft Windows 2008 Standard or Enterprise licensed, you are allowed to install a Standard Edition instance instead of the Enterprise Edition in one of these physical and virtual operating system environments. This contract applies to the use of the Standard edition in this manner. In addition to the license for the server software, you must purchase a CAL windows for each person (“user”) or any device that accesses or uses the server software directly or via a multiplexing service.

A “multiplexing service” is a software application or service that, at the request of a user or device, accesses or uses the server`s software. For example, for each user or device using one of the following server software services, a Windows cal is required: unlike the Azure migration option above, which allows a service provider to retain control over the licensing of the entire hosted solution and support, this scenario must expand the end customer to get support updates. Regardless of whether the server environment is fully authorized by the host via an SPLA or in part, with SQL Server being reallocated as part of the advantage of software insurance licensing mobility, the customer must work with its reseller/Microsoft and acquire ESU through an enterprise agreement or a server and cloud record. The cost of extended support updates is about 75% of an unlimited license price per year, and licenses are subject to a minimum of 16 core for Windows Server and 4 core minimum for SQL Server.