Cheryl Mills Immunity Agreement

“The revelations that three other people, including Cheryl Mills, were granted immunity from prosecution in the Hillary Clinton email scandal show that this was undoubtedly a criminal scheme,” Jason Miller, Trump`s adviser, said in a statement. “In essence, Clinton`s secret server was the end of the government`s transparency laws aimed at hiding corruption between the Clinton Foundation and its State Department, a deal that ultimately jeopardized our national security and sensitive diplomatic efforts. No one with such poor judgment should be allowed to serve as President of the United States or hold public office. Mills` subordinate, Heather Samuelson, also represented by Wilkinson, reportedly received the same immunity contract as Mills. According to the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah), limited immunity was granted to convince the woman. Mills handed over his laptop so the FBI could verify that secret information was stored on it. Still, Chaffetz said he was “totally stunned” that the FBI was getting a deal with someone as close to the investigation as Mills. By incorporating emails recovered by laptops into immunity agreements, the Justice Department excluded any significant physical evidence from all sorts of criminal prosecutions against aid workers. So far, we still don`t have a clear idea of whether Mills got some kind of immunity in exchange for allowing an FBI interview. But we learned that she did not deliver her private laptop until she was assured – in the form of immunity – that she would not be prosecuted if the FBI found incriminating information about it. (Ms. Wilkinson told The Associated Press that Mills only got immunity for the computer, not for the FBI interview, but Wilkinson refused to show AP the immunity agreement.) The immunity grants given to Mills and Samuelson were narrow and only covered their handover of laptops used in 2014, after Clinton left the state to perform a verification of the former secretary`s emails to separate work-related messages from those of a purely personal nature. Immunity came after the women were interviewed by the FBI and did not cover up any of their statements.