Hague Agreement Signatories

The agreement was reached in the Dutch city of The Hague. Hague News – News releases and updates on Developments in the Hague System. The filing fee consists of three types of fees: a basic fee, a publication fee and a designation fee for each designated party. An applicant who is not qualified under one of these headings may not use the Hague System. The Parties include not only individual countries, but also intergovernmental organizations such as the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) and the European Union. This means that an applicant residing in an EU Member State that is not a contracting party, such as Austria or the United Kingdom, can nevertheless use the Hague System on the basis of their domicile in the European Union. Video – Protecting Your Business Models with the WIPO Hague System Contains practical tips on managing and extending your registration. Applicants may qualify for the use of the Hague System on the basis of one of the following criteria: the original version of the Agreement (the 1925 Hague Version) is no longer applicable, as all States Parties have signed the following acts. The London Act of 1934 formally applied between a State of Action of London which had only signed the Hague and/or Geneva Act concerning other States of the London Act in October 2016.

However, since 1 January 2010, the application of this law was already frozen. The Hague Agreement on the International Filing of Industrial Designs, also known as the Hague System, provides for a mechanism for registering an industrial design in several countries by means of a single application filed in a language with a schedule of fees. The system is managed by WIPO. A list of Contracting Parties shall be maintained by WIPO. Who filed most of The Hague`s design applications in 2019? The duration of an international registration is five years and may be extended for a further five years, up to the maximum period authorized by each Contracting Party. For the London Act 1934, the maximum duration was 15 years. The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs offers a practical commercial solution for the registration of up to 100 designs in 74 Contracting Parties in 91 countries through the filing of a single international application. The application is examined by the International Bureau of WIPO for formal requirements, which allows the applicant to correct certain irregularities in the application. Once the formal requirements are met, it is registered in the International Register and the details are published electronically in the International Designs Bulletin on the WIPO website. Contains practical tips on how to find information in the registry.

If the destination country is not mentioned above, please contact the Secretary of State of Georgia for Great Seal Certification. (phone number: 404-656-2871; Website: sos.ga.gov/index.php/Elections/great_seal) Facts, Figures and Analysis Relating to the International Registration of Industrial Designs All parties to one or more acts of the Hague Agreement are members of the Hague Association. . . .