Stock Transfer Agreement Template

The company, LCC and Vert are sometimes referred to individually as “parties” and, together, as “parties”. 3. COST OF TRANSMISSION It is agreed that the registration costs of the transfer of shares (if any) will be borne by the buyer. 1.3 The transfer takes effect with the execution of this share transfer contract and the payment of the amount set out in clause 2. Download the sample of our PDF file on the share transfer contract and look at all these points for yourself. You can see that it is a really complicated document. We recommend that you understand the agreement before signing it. 5.10 Unless it follows from the wording of a clause and with regard to the entire share transfer contract, that a given clause must mean something other than: all words that are only in the singular are considered plural (and vice versa) and all words designated in a given sex are considered all genders and all terms, persons who designate a particular form of person or persons apply to both legal persons (e.g.B. enterprises) and natural persons (and vice versa). 1.2 The transfer is absolute and includes all rights and obligations related to the shares, including, but not limited to, all rights in dividends, capital and voting rights and, for the avoidance of doubt, dividends due but not yet paid are due and paid to the buyer. The share transfer contract also sets out the insurance, guarantees or guarantees of the parties concerned. Do you want to transfer or buy the shares of a company? You should use a share transfer agreement to consolidate your transaction. 2.

TRANSFER PRICING It is agreed that the shares will be transferred at the price of [PRICE]. This Share Transfer Agreement (this “Agreement”) will be entered into and entered into on November 2, 2016 (the “Contract Date”) by and between Glu Mobile Inc. .