Water Dispenser Rental Agreement

Waterlogic`s water cooler guarantees you complete service and protection for your water dispenser. After installing your system, our qualified technicians will perform maintenance checks to ensure that your model meets the usual high standards. With our rental package, we also take care of the necessary repairs or replacement of filters or UV lamps. Rent a water cooler from us and enjoy the benefits of our fixed monthly rates and low fees. With no user fees, hidden costs, or inflated bills, renting water coolers allows you to accurately budget your water costs and avoid high expenses in the short term. Our philosophy is to make renting water coolers easy and stress-free. Our product range includes freestanding and tabletop chillers, bubblers, wall and working water boilers as well as Billi valve systems. Each product is directly connected to your established water pipes and uses an existing resource paid for by your company. Renting water coolers not only frees your business from an unprofitable water solution, but also eliminates the lifting, storage, and replacement of heavy, bulky bottles. Save your employees time and eliminate the risk of injury. Investing in a water cooler allows you to have an endless supply of high-quality drinking water, as well as regular maintenance and maintenance checks. We know that not all companies can directly budget for the purchase of a water dispenser, which is why we offer water coolers and water dispenser rental options.

In addition to the benefits of lower cost and increased convenience, you can upgrade your model when you renew your contract. As we are constantly evolving and improving our water solutions, you can move forward with us by renting a Waterlogic water cooler. If your company is looking for a more flexible alternative to buying, Waterlogic offers you the opportunity to rent a water dispenser for a contractual period that suits you. You can also upgrade your water machine when you renew your contract. Our water chiller contracts include installation and maintenance in the monthly price. With over 250 BWCA accredited support staff and engineers in 15 service centres across the UK, we strive to provide local service nationally. When you purchase your water cooler, you may be eligible for tax breaks under HMRC`s “Capital Deductions for Construction and Renovation”, which cover “certain kitchen appliances”, including “refrigerators and similar appliances”. When you rent a water cooler from us, our qualified plumbers will do the installation and configuration so you don`t have to worry about the technique. By offering a complete service, Waterlogic ensures that you are fully covered. Rent a water dispenser from Waterlogic and provide your home or office with an endless source of clean, fresh drinking water at an affordable price.

Learning more about water cooler rentals from Waterlogic Water Cooler Rentals from Waterlogic allows you, your employees and customers to enjoy an unlimited supply of purified drinking water. as well as significant long- and short-term savings for your business. Rent a water dispenser and benefit from: If you`re not sure about buying, renting or renting a water cooler, take the time to get a range of quotes from different suppliers – and also get an assessment of your company`s needs from suppliers, who can often point you to more economical solutions, . B such as the installation of different types of water dispensers in your business premises. Waterlogic water coolers are superior water solutions due to three exclusive steps. By combining porous carbon filter technologies, our patented firewall UV lamps and the silver additive BioCote, we are able to eliminate 99.9999% of germs, bacteria and microbial organisms 100% of the time. Guaranteed. At Waterlogic, we are proud to be dedicated to developing economically and environmentally sustainable water solutions. Renting water coolers from Waterlogic`s bottleless series significantly reduces your company`s plastic waste and therefore your carbon emissions. .