Projects at Boeing

Due to Boeing’s proprietary information, I cannot disclose what projects I’m working on at the moment until I gather permissions and documentations from upper management. So what I will share instead are my methods to be an effective UX specialist and what I do to capture my user needs.

I lead the product design and user-centered research using different techniques to capture user needs and also validate the identified requirements coming from the business. After a series of user interviews, these discoveries will be documented and will be used as the team’s compass into the design process.

As we conceptualize the solutions using wireframes and hi-fi prototypes users will be in every step of the way to test and validate the concepts. These prototypes are also often used during presentations and product demos as well.

Apart from championing the users, I also assist the development team by supplying specs files along with the prototypes and by writing user stories and acceptance criteria defining each piece of the product.

I also conduct usability testing and gather the findings for the product team for future increment deliverables.

The image on the right is one of  my favorite diagrams that shows what a UXD process is like. Short but descriptive, it perfectly summarizes the process. Of course there are other techniques that may be added to this depending on the product need, but this is a good start.

User Experience Design Process
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